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Online Exhibition

Hello hello,

Just a small update on my last blog post: The comic exhibition organized by the Kommunikationsverband Nordwest has been digitized. You can now visit the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in Bremen virtually. The 3-dimensional virtual exhibition is very well made and intuitively navigable from a computer. I really recommend checking it out here.

[Entries for the comic cover competition "Battle of Print" can be viewed on the "second floor" (1. OG) towards the back of the exhibit right before the second set of stairs.]

Upon comparing my entry to the others, I think I was on the more extreme end of the "design"/"Entwurf" prompt. All the other entries look pretty polished compared to what I submitted. Being the outlier, I feel like I must have missed something. On the other hand, the call for submissions featured a pencil sketch, which is why I thought the competition was looking for "sketchy" design ideas. Either way I made it into the top 12 and that is something to be proud of. Better not to ask too many questions.

And speaking of polished works, I still haven't had much time to polish my sketch. Nevertheless, here is a preview of the work in progress:

And in case you are wondering about the prize winners, so am I. The opening of the exhibition as well as the announcement of the winners had to be delayed for several months due to the corona lockdown situation. Hopefully there will be more about that in the coming weeks.

And hopefully I'll finally be done with this birdman before then...

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