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Starting Up

Today has both been productive and frustrating.

I have decided that, although I would most like to dedicate my time to "Die Pest in Sachsen", I should really set up an online shop. A comic, at least in the style I want to draw one, doesn't take days - it takes months. And I'm finding it very hard to concentrate when I think that I could be putting countless hours into something that only in the long-term might produce any kind of revenue. I'm not looking to make money per se, but I want to be able to pay rent and buy food for myself without being a burden on anyone else.

Originally I wasn't going to try setting up a shop until this summer at the earliest, but now I'm wondering when things will get back to even semi-normal. I'm not in financial trouble yet and I'm technically employed for a few more months, but I don't think jobs are going to be too plentiful in the near future. But as long as the postal service is still working, I can at least maybe earn a little bit on the side. Or, honestly, just earn back what I've recently spent on new art supplies and art paper...

So, while I've done nothing for dPiS today, I did spend several hours reformatting drawings to be printed on postcard-, A4- and A3-sized paper. I've also taken many photos of the print outs and have started uploading and organizing them into nice product-description pages. Maybe I'll manage to have a little storefront up and running this coming week.

It's good to be making progress, but frustrating that it is not on the thing that I want to be working on.

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