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The Final Piece

Hello everyone,

The mock cover is, finally, complete. It's been such a slog I did not even have the energy to post it here once I finished.

Which brings me to an excurse into multi-channel content: what is truly the added value of these blog posts if so much more art is available on instagram? Ideally these posts could shed extensive light into the "behind-the-scenes" making of the artworks for which social media simply does not provide the space. Unfortunately, however, the time and motivation are often lacking. Having recognized this fact, I will still endeavor to do better.

Today's short note is the first attempt to better record the process with a few simple facts:

- Each digital illustration is based on a physical pencil drawing; the better the pencil drawing before I scan it, the better and less time I need to digitally ink it;

- I am terribly slow at "sketching" digitally because of pen jitter (zoom out too far to see the whole picture and the lines are terribly shaking, zoom in for smooth lines and lose sight of the larger picture);

- My least favorite part is the line shading, while my favorite is drawing the thick outer lines;

- I only use 5 colors in total for these comic illustrations: black, white, tan, red and navy;

- Any other variation of color is the product of overlapping colors or the final filter that I apply to the completed illustration;

- The final "filter" is simply skewing the cyan/red scale on the color balance (and maybe tweaking contrast/brightness as well), if that counts as a filter.

Hopefully those 6 points prove useful and interesting when viewing the final product!

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